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The Lucky Miner | Prospector, Dwayne Hall

This Miner's Story

Prospector, Dwayne Hall, found his greatest treasure 27 years ago when he met and married his wife, Marsha, who has encouraged and supported his artistic endeavors throughout their marriage. His talents for art and sculpture began his Jr. year of high school in Kentucky, when he began to realize his talent, drive, and ability to create beautiful works of art.

Twenty years ago, Dwayne picked up his first chain saw and was off and running as a carver. His first results were so impressive that he, with Marsha's encouragement, traveled to 32 states participating in fairs, festivals and competitions. Marsha's confidence in Dwayne was rewarded when he was awarded 2nd and 3rd place in the World Bear Carving Competition in Minnesota. Dwayne's carving has taken him all over the country to accept commissions for extraordinary wood sculptures. His fifty-five and a half foot totemic sculpture was the tallest in the country when completed in 1997. His most recent carving of Chief Antero at the Lodge in Poncha Springs, Colorado, can be seen by visitors and travelers passing through the crossroads of the Rockies where Highways 50 and 285 intersect.

You may be wondering how a champion carver ended up on your television screen. As with all things connected to Dwayne, there is a story behind it. When Marsha asked Dwayne what he wanted for his 40th birthday, he replied "A Colorado driver's license". Her immediate response was "Get in the truck.", and they were off! As soon as they arrived in Colorado, Dwayne got "rocks in his head". He has been mining for 15 years, and is now getting ready for his 3rd season of Prospectors on The Weather Channel Originals.

With the guidance and teaching of Mark Krivanek, G.G. and American Gemcutter Association Award winner, as well as AGTA Cutting Edge Award winner (twice), Dwayne is taking his carving skills to a whole new level. Mark and Dwayne are crafting exquisite jewelry and gem specimens as colorful and unique as their discovery, documented on the Prospectors TV Show. You can find the end results of their journey at Krivanek Jewelers in historic downtown Salida, Colorado.

Tune in to The Weather Channel on Sunday nights to see where this Lucky Miner's dreams take him and what new treasures emerge.

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